Stone Sensation

Décor Stones bring outdoor spaces to life

In dry climates or where water-saving measures are desired, stone can be used to bring any outdoor space to life.  From small back gardens to larger public spaces the use of décor stones or decorative stones is something growing numbers of landscape gardeners are turning to.

What Are Décor Stones?

Décor stones or decorative stones can be manmade or natural stones or rock produced and made ready for non-construction purposes. Often the stones are laid on the ground where otherwise plants may grow.   Such stones serve a variety of purposes that include:

  • Ground Coverage
  • Weed Control
  • Drainage
  • Water Saving Landscape Design
  • Low Maintenance Gardening
  • Ground Level Signage

Types of Stone for Decorative Purposes

There are many types of stone used for décor purposes. Décor stones are generally smaller rocks making them easy to move around and position. Stones and pebbles can be used on garden beds, paths and even driveways. Both natural rock or stone such as Dump Rock, mixed crush pebbles or Limpopo Mix are popular choices when seeking a natural finish.

White Décor Stones

A white stone such as quartz or chalk is natural but many white décor stones are manmade.  Such stones are often made through an artificial process that involves natural stone which is processed and crushed into the desired particle size by a sieving machine. Such stone is washed and stained to create a white or other colour material.  Manmade stone looks very life-like and is very popular, available in different grades for different purposes.

Best Décor Stone for a Garden Path

The type of décor stone that is best for your garden is defined by the purpose.  Driveways and pathways are often best suited to gravel rather than larger rocks and stones. Short walkways or small beds requiring a layer of stone are likewise suited to gravel-type décor stones, yet larger stones and pebbles will also suffice. From time to time a single large decorative stone may be used to create a focal point.

Décor Stones for Drainage

Stones placed beneath flowerpots and another garden, or outdoor pots serve two purposes. When using décor stones underneath or surrounding planted pots they aid with drainage, elevating a pot enough above the soil to avoid seepage back up into the pot likewise. Choosing the right stone for drainage, especially in a garden will turn an ordinary plant pot into something more appealing.

Low Maintenance Décor Stones

One of the top reasons décor stones and decorative stone of all kinds is rising in popularity is that it is low maintenance. Décor stones can limit weeds and those that do grow through are easily plucked. Stones do not require watering and are popular in gardens where water use is limited, restricted or even unavailable. The right décor stone in a garden can be as pretty as flowers and trees when laid well.

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