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Popular paving patterns

Paving is powerful option while designing a garden or property layout. It not only increases the value of your property and enhances it’s appeal but in the context of a home it can be used to convert unused space into special focus areas or an attractive outdoor living space.

Using various patterns and colour around your pool, patio, driveway or court yard paving, you can define specific areas while creating something interesting.

Let’s consider some of the more popular patterns:

Common Bond

This paving pattern is the most popular in industry, hence it’s name. It is an easy to follow the pattern with the middle of each brick being starting point of the paving block/brick in the next row. It is a popular choice for walkways, entertainment areas and driveways. The popular choice of material for walkways and entertainment areas as well as around a pool include stepping stones, full/half/quarter blocks as well as bevelled and interlocker bricks. The Common Bond is very durable and can support significant weight crossing it. For driveways the typical smaller blocks like the interlocker and bevelled bricks as well as cobble rock, cobble squares and quarter blocks are popular choices


The paving blocks/bricks are laid in an alternating v-shape pattern at 900 to each other. The Herringbone pattern lends itself to be a stable and durable paving. The Herringbone pattern is a very popular choice for driveways, walkways, patios as well as forecourts, commercial and industrial parking areas and creates a strong visual impact. While the pattern requires a bit more time for laying due to the need to cut it in at the edges, the visual impact makes it well worth your effort. Materials used in this pattern includes cobble rock, bevel bricks and interlocking bricks.


This is an easy paving pattern that creates a medieval look. The bricks are laid in pairs in alternating directions, and using different colours creates an interesting appearance. This pattern is suitable for areas around pools, patios, and entertainment areas. It is recommended that edges be finished with a concrete strip to keep the pattern stable. Materials suitable for this pattern include cobble rock and bevelled bricks.

Stack Bond

This paving pattern is popular in making smaller areas look bigger, the paving blocks are packed side by side forming straight lines. Structurally it is not very strong but remains aesthetically pleasing. It is recommended that edges be finished with a concrete border to retain the pattern’s integrity.


Circle paving patterns is popular in domestic, parks and landscaping applications. It lends itself to a lot of creativity and is popular for entertainment areas, bomas and public spaces. This paving pattern can be used to create specific focus areas using full or partial circles. Using interchanging colours really brings the patterns to life and helps to create a definitive creative atmosphere. Stone Sensation’s custom manufactured circles coming in five different size options are really aesthetically pleasing. Laying this paving pattern using normal paving material requires some extra planning and skill and is more time consuming than having straight lines. Using products like cobbles, cobble rock or quarter blocks eases the challenge of laying. To really draw attention, the use of varying circle sizes and interchanging colours can be considered.


Cobbles and cobble rock lend themselves to a wide variety of patterns. It is easy to install and is popular for walkways, garden landscaping, driveways and public spaces. Cobblestones date back to medieval times when used in streets and market places and are to this day a still popular option giving a distinctive classic appeal.

Interesting Combinations

Employing different patterns in combination creates eye-catching surfaces while also defining specific areas. One can for example have a circle paving where you intend to put a round table with the surrounding area being a Herringbone or Common Bond pattern. Finishing off larger areas of paving with a different pattern around the edge complements the overall appearance while one can also divide large areas into blocks by using a different pattern. The different size paving blocks manufactured by Stone Sensation are frequently used in combination to create very nice and appealing areas.

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