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Benefits of Pebbles

  1. Low maintenance
  2. Round your garden off with an exotic look
  3. Use pebbles as your focus point for an extraordinary entrance
  4. It provides for a variation of hard and soft landscaping
  5. Adding a colorful or natural-looking pebble can round your modern garden pot.
  6. Pebbles can create a most natural look in or around your water feature.
  7. The application of different pebbles in between your square, circular, sleeper, or stepping stones enhance the appearance of your pathway.
  8. Use pebbles in your flower beds and finish it off with our rock or square cobble for edging.

Frequently asked questions about pebbles: 

  1. Do pebbles stop weeds?

Yes, pebbles are a nice ground cover if a perforated garden shield is placed underneath the pebbles/gravel.

  1. Should I use plastic sheeting under my pebbles between pavers?

No, it is highly recommended to use a perforated garden shield instead of plastic to prevent grass or weeds to grow between or through your pebbles and pavers.

  1. Can Plants grow in pebbles?

Yes, certain plants can grow in pebbles/gravel.  Use a glass container.

  1. How thick should I lay my pebbles?

The pebble layers all depend on the size of the pebble or gravel and the density you prefer.  Typically the layer must be such that the surface below it is not visible.

  1. How to use pebbles in flower beds?

A thin layer of gravel/pebble can be placed on top of the soil in your flowerbed to prevent birds from harvesting your seedlings.

  1. Will grass grow through pebbles?

Yes, it is strongly recommended that you use a perforated garden shield under your pebbles and round your edging off with our square or rock cobble.

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