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An outdoor and indoor space that looks and feels upmarket is what you want in your home. Something that makes a statement without being ostentatious yet shows you appreciate the finer things in life is what you want to achieve. Natural slate tiles deliver timeless good looks with a classic style that has never faded. Perfect both indoors and outdoors, underfoot or on a wall, slates will always catch the eye and draw attention. Natural slate is the perfect material to elevate your home or uplift an outdoor space without effort. View our range of quality slate tiles below.

Slate Tiles

Slate Tiles Guidelines

How to decorate your garden:

  • It is always nicer to promote the most natural appearance in a garden.  Adding Pebbles to our modern square or circular pathway creates a rustic atmosphere. 
  • Enhance your outdoor garden by adding an exotic range pots, different sizes and colours available to suit your application.
  • Invite more natural life to your garden with bird baths and bird feeders/water features. One can also add nest logs for birds to nest.
  • Create a magical fairy garden fantasy world utilising our colourful range of ornaments complemented by our range of beautiful gravel for pathways.
  • Enhance flower beds with perennials, and complement it with landscaping products like gravel or pebbles and edging for rounding your flower beds off.
  • Design your own “get away” corner with our circle (from 0.6 – 4.2m diameter), adding steel or concrete garden furniture.
  • Break monotony by creating a focus point against a wall with steel or concrete hanging ornaments.
  • Rounding soft landscaping off on your outdoor wall with concrete frames, air plants.
  • Lighten up your patio with garden wall figurines and cement or natural cladding.
  • Enhance your indoor or outdoor areas utilising head planters
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