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sandstone Loose Riven 40mm

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Sandstone Loose Riven 40mm

Sandstone is a soft type of rock and can be processed into a wide variety of products. It is most commonly a beige to sandy colour varying up to a yellowish shade. Because of its neutral colours it is a very popular material in cladding applications

Sand Stone Loose Rivens is a universal product that increases your property value. Can be used indoors & outdoors features.

Sandstone loose rivens are cut approximately 40mm wide and 20mm thick and in lengths of 400mm, 250mm and 150mm. It opens opportunity for more creativity in terms of packing patterns. Sandstone loose rivens are equally popular for interior as well as exterior finishes.


Sizes: Mixed

  • 200mm x 40mm
  • 300mm x 40mm
  • 400mm x 40mm

Weight per Square:  55kg

  • 1 Box = 1m²


  • Walling
  • Landscaping
  • Interior
  • Exterior

Available Colours:

  • Sandstone

Please take note:

Colours may vary as this is a natural product.


Natural sandstone cladding advantages: 

  • Long lifespan
  • Complement our range of concrete products.
  • Can be used indoors, and outdoors on various projects.
  • Weather resistant
  • Has an inviting natural appeal
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Easy maintenance

Considerations when choosing natural sandstone cladding: 

  • Labour intensive, and time-consuming for the installer.
  • Use recommended products only for cleaning the product, strong cleaning products may damage the surface.
  • Generally best to have it installed by a professional, rather than DIY projects (DIY projects are available)
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