Stone Sensation


Patios are often seen as an extension of the inner home living space. Whether outdoor or indoor, patios are out to represent. Your patio could be brick, stone or even concrete. It doesn’t change the fact that this spot can be great for hosting dinner parties, especially when a grill or a fire pit is incorporated. You can entertain friends, host intimate family game nights and even official gatherings. Throw in an outdoor dining set, and you get a new favourite eating spot. A little more effort with a comfortable chair, and you get a great reading spot. You probably get the big picture by now. Your patio is definitely worth the investment. All you need are the right tools and ideas. And for that, we have got you covered, read below for our full patio product range.

Full Paving Blocks

Stepping Stones

Copings / Bull Nose 250 x 330 x 50

Rock Random Cladding

Strip Rock Cladding

Modular Cladding

Strip Cladding

Stepping Stones Bull Nose

Slate Tiles

Sandstone Chunks

Quartzite Building Stone

Copings / Bull Nose 250 x 165 x 50

Copings / Bull Nose 450 x 450 x 40

Copings / Bull Nose 330 x 330 x 50

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