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Elevate your space with the timeless elegance of natural stone cladding from Stone Sensation. Our premium selection of natural cladding, including sandstone, slate, and quartzite, offers a harmonious blend of durability and natural beauty, suitable for enhancing both interior and exterior designs. These materials not only bring a touch of sophistication but also provide unique textures and colour variations that add depth and character to any project. 

Slate Strip Walling

Autumn Slate Rivens

African Blue Slate Rivens

Sandstone Loose Riven 40mm

Sandstone Loose Riven 60mm

Sandstone Chunks

Sand Stone Interlocking Riven – 10pcs

Sand Stone B3

Sandstone Petra Mix

Sandstone Interlocking Grey

Sandstone Imperial Rock Face Grey

Quartzite Building Stone

Quartzite Strip Walling

Domino Cut

Beige Rivens

Beige Puzzle

Sandstone XLarge

Sandstone cladding imparts a classic charm with its warm tones and natural grain, making it a perfect choice for a welcoming ambiance. Slate, known for its fine-grained texture and robustness, offers a sleek look, ideal for contemporary designs. Quartzite cladding stands out with its sparkling surface and extraordinary hardness, providing an upscale and durable exterior or interior finish. 

Explore our website to discover how Stone Sensation’s natural stone cladding can transform your property into a visually stunning space with enduring charm. Whether you’re renovating your home or designing a commercial space, our natural stone options like sandstone, slate, and quartzite will elevate the aesthetic and increase the value of your property. Dive into a world of design possibilities with our exquisite cladding options and let your space shine with natural elegance. 

Natural Cladding Guidelines

Sandstone Tiles mixed sizes scaled wpv 300x180 center center

Cladding Installation Guideline

Benefits of Natural Cladding

How to decorate your garden:

  • It is always nicer to promote the most natural appearance in a garden.  Adding pebbles to our modern square or circular pathway creates a rustic atmosphere. 
  • Enhance your outdoor garden by adding an exotic range of pots, different sizes and colours available to suit your application.
  • Invite more natural life to your garden with bird baths and bird feeders/water features. One can also add nest logs for birds to nest.
  • Create a magical fairy garden fantasy world utilising our colourful range of ornaments complemented by our range of beautiful gravel for pathways.
  • Enhance flower beds with perennials, and complement them with landscaping products like gravel or pebbles and edging for rounding your flower beds off.
  • Design your own “get away” corner with our circle (from 0.6 – 4.2m diameter), adding steel or concrete garden furniture.
  • Break monotony by creating a focus point against a wall with steel or concrete hanging ornaments.
  • Rounding soft landscaping off on your outdoor wall with concrete frames, air plants.
  • Lighten up your patio with garden wall figurines and cement or natural cladding.
  • Enhance your indoor or outdoor areas utilising head planters.
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