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Modular Cladding

Cladding is primarily used to brighten up non appealing walls and finishes and in many instances to enhance specific architectural aspects of a design. Other than enhancing the appeal of a structure it contributes positively to its value.


Modular cement cladding is manufactured in 5 distinct sizes:

Modular Full                       335 x 335mm

Modular Half                      335 x 163mm

Modular Quarter Long   335 x 76mm

Modular Quarter              163 x 163mm

Modular Eighth                 163 x 76mm

Using combinations of different sizes enables you to design your own unique patterns creating eye-catching focus areas.

Indoor cladding
Outdoor cladding
Available Colours:
Sandstone Tan Light
Sandstone Fawn
Please take note:
Stone Sensation’s products are handmade and slight variations in colour may occur. Colours are as accurate as current photography and printing techniques allow.

Cladding is popular in both residential and commercial applications. Typical areas of application are the front facade of homes/buildings, building entrances, reception areas, entertainment areas, around pool areas, lapas and on terrace walls. Stone Sensation manufactures modular cladding in Sandstone and Sandstone Tan Light colours.

Benefits of cement Strip rock cladding for the builder and homeowner: 

  • Lightweight- Cheaper on Transport
  • Quick DIY option
  • Minimal maintenance cost.
  • Fire resistant.
  • Cost effective
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