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Available Colours:

Bevel Colors

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Interlocker 60mm

The Interlocking 60 mm paving brick is ideal for commercial and schools paving. The Interlocking paver can also be used as paving brick for passenger and light delivery vehicles services.

Length: 200
Width: 100
Height: 60
Units per square: 50
Weight per Unit: 2.8kg
Weight per Square: 140kg
Small Business
Available Colours:
Terra Cotta
Please take note:
Stone Sensation’s products are handmade and slight variation in colour may occur. Colours are as accurate as current photography and printing techniques allow.

Product Specifications and Installation Procedures

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The Benefits of Choosing Interlocking Paving: 

  • Easy DIY installation option for smaller areas
  • Requires no maintenance other than occasional sweeping.
  • Durable and long lasting solution.
  • Individual bricks can be easily replaced should damage occur.
  • Because of it’s course texture it is more slip resistent.
  • Suitable of pathway, driveway and commercial/public parking areas.
  • Available in a range of colours.
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