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Dump Rock

Our dump rock is available in 2 different sizes being smaller than 55mm to 200mm.  A blend of 2 sizes is also an option.  We can supply you with 20kg bags or bulk bags packed in tons.  Buying dump rock in bulk not only saves you allot of money but gives you a lot of flexibility because the bulk product can easily be moved around where you need it most.  This packaging also allows us to deliver dump rock together with your other products that you have ordered from us.



Large: 10cm – 15cm

Medium: 13mm – 19mm

Weight per bag: 20kg

*Also available in smaller sizes on request.





Available Colours:

  • Beidge

Please take note:

Stone Sensation’s products are handmade and slight variation in colour may occur. Colours are as accurate as current photography and printing techniques allow.


Dump Rock ideas for your garden:

  • Design Gabion rock cages
  • Traffic Barrier
  • Design a minimal water succulent garden.
  • Rustic Fountains
  • Design a rock garden with rocks and succulents.
  • Restrict vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  • Create great effect around shrubs and trees
  • No maintenance when used with garden membrane
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