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Available Colours:

Wet Cast colors


Copings / Bull Nose 250 x 165 x 50

Best quality Copings / Bull noses can be used on edges of Patios, Steps & Staircases. Different sizes bull noses available to suit the shape of your pool.

The edge of a pool is traditionally finished off with paving block that has one edge rounded in order to protect injury to feet and legs. The blocks are referred to as bullnoses or copings. Bullnoses/copings are also used on the edges of steps, stairs and on top of low retaining walls in gardens. Stones Sensation produces bullnose blocks in 165, 250, 330 and 450mm sizes. The bullnoses are available in a variety of colours being Cement, Charcoal, Tan, Sandstone Tan, Tan Light, Sandstone Tan Light, Desert Sand, Sandstone Desert Sand, Fawn, Sandstone Fawn, Plum and Kasmir. The sizes of the bullnoses is the same as the sizes of our normal range of paving products thus facilitating the use of standard products to install paving around the pool presenting a homogeneous pattern. For pools with curves and round shapes the 165 bullnose is generally preferred since it requires less cutting to smoothly follow the pool shape.

Length: 0.250
Width: 0.165
Height: 0.50
Units per Lin meter: 6
Weight per Unit: 5.16kg


  • Landscaping
  • Pools and Patios
  • Edging
Available Colours:
  • Sandstone Fawn
  • Fawn
  • Tan
  • Tan Light
  • Desert Sand
  • Cement
  • Charcoal
  • Sandstone Tan Light
  • Sandstone Tan
  • Cashmere

Please take note:

Stone Sensation’s products are handmade and slight variation in colour may occur. Colours are as accurate as current photography and printing techniques allow.

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